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What Is News Trading & How Can Traders Use It

Trading the news or News Trading is when you use the news on market-moving events to make trading decisions. Because political and economic events affect a country’s currency, if you’re a news trader, you’re regularly keeping up to date on current events by watching the

What Is Hedging & How Do Traders Use It

Many forex traders believe hedging is a sure-fire way of eliminating risks from trading while optimising their returns. While that’s not entirely true, hedging does protect traders from incurring heavy losses, by placing a trade in the same market but in the opposite direction to
3 ways to manage your trading risk - bn

3 Ways to Manage Your Trading Risk

Risk management is one of the essential skills to master as a Forex trader. It is key to becoming a successful trader because it helps you minimise your losses and maximise your potential gains. If you’re new to trading, you can easily get swept up

What Is Scalping? How Do Traders Use It?

Anyone who’s traded forex will have come across the term scalping. One way to think of scalping is as a trading strategy based on real-time technical analysis. It’s often defined alongside day trading because the two share many similarities, mainly the fact that both day