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How we calculate the brokers scores

Every Broker is placed in a particular order in our Ranking tables. The order of these rankings is based on the Total Score each broker receives. The Total Score is comprised of 5 different factors, each factor with its own weight. These factors are classified by us as the most important metrics to choose a Broker from:


  1. Standard Account Specifications (30%) 
  2. Platforms & Services Available (25%)
  3. Standard Trading Specifications (25%)
  4. Percentage of loss  (10%)
  5. Website popularity (10%)


Moreover, these 5 factors are then comprised from 16 other criteria which are given a score and 1 point for every specification. We will look at this in greater detail.

1. Standard Account Specifications

(This makes up 30% of the Total Score)


  1. Tradable Instruments
  2. Demo Account Available
  3. Payment Methods Available
  4. Hedging Available
  5. Scalping Available
  6. Major Currencies
  7. Other Currencies
  8. Regulations

2. Platforms and Services

(This makes up 25% of the Total Score)


  1. Platforms Supported
  2. Available Devices
  3. Support Services
  4. Languages Supported

3. Standard Trading Specifications

(This makes up 25% of the Total Score)


  1. Spread Type
  2. Number of Currency Pairs

4. Percentage of loss

(This makes up 25% of the Total Score)

Every Broker is required to warn its clients and potential traders of the risks implied when trading Forex, CFDs and other instruments. The “Risk Warning” which should be visible on each Forex Broker’s website represents the percentage of traders that lose money when trading with said broker. In our rankings, we give a higher score to the brokers which have a smaller percentage of risk.

  • 100 – Percentage of Loss

5. Domain Rating

This category is given a 10% weight of the overall score. The domain rating is taken from Ahrefs, SEO tool. (

  • Domain Rating 

Purpose of the ranking tables

Our main purpose with the Total Score is to give traders an unbiased metric when choosing a broker. By choosing the most important factors and giving them a weighted score, we are able to aggregate all these factors and make up a Total Broker Score. Brokers that offer a lot of services and make it easier for traders to use their platform are rewarded accordingly with a higher score.

Traders can review the brokers we have listed along with their score and other information and can then make a more informed decision on which broker they want to choose.